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Photos influencing purchasing decisions, we bring harmony in personality and advertising message. Your press, group or employee-photos are your visibility. With our mobile communications posibilitys a picture of the contact person becomes more and more important.

It is not easy to pose before a camera and to communicate a message. You got with us a partner who supports you and who prevent you of shy and tension. A good photographer is a matter of trust, a high level education, a targeted training and the necessary empathy distinguish our employees.

We offer: 

  • professional pictures, for use in any purposes at any time.
  • Authorization to publish included, without subsequent adjustment.
  • short lead times, swift and flexible appointments, also online.
  • reduced time needed for the actual shooting in the studio or on location.
  • short delivery.
  • a favorable “all-in-price”



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Mitarbeiter 1Mitarbeiter 2Staff photos for intranet, ID-Cards, website, branch poster and Internal correspondence, not for printing or advertising subjects.

Through our mobile communications, a picture of the contact is alwaysmore important. If a new employee is added, we photograph in the same style, like the co-workers before. This ensures a uniform appearance on the company website.

We offer:

  • Professional employee photos.
  • Same background even after months or years.
  • Short lead times, fast and flexible appointment agreement.
  • Everyone can arrange the phototaken on his own wish.
  • We have our own make-up artist in the house or on site.
  • A minimum time expenses for the photo shooting.
  • short delivery time
  • All photos are processed digitally, this allows a excellent image retouching and every conceivable correction.

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